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Employee Phone E-mail Room
Barrie, Jeff

Director, Campus Utilities & Energy

7-7132 MH200
Clemens, John

Senior Systems Administrator

7-8971 MH200
Coleman, Darlene

Contract Manager

7-3752 MH200
Cooney, Terra

Department Coordinator

7-8973 MH200
Cusack, Matt

Maintenance Supervisor - Academic Buildings

7-3571 MH300
Davis, Bobbie

Construction Accounting Assistant

7-8978 MH100
DeBrizzio, Charles

Maintenance Supervisor - Rental/Research

7-6787 MH300
Brian Bozell

Resource Efficiency Manager

Gallagher, Kevin

Director, Facilities Maintenance Management.

7-8992 MH200
Henehan, Tom

Project Manager, Construction

7-8927 MH100
Hermle, Eileen

Service Coordinator

7-3320 MH200
Hernandez, Carlos

Project Supervisor

7-8995 MH100
John, McMahon

Maintenance Supervisor - Housing

7-8996 MH300

Manly, Dion

Financial and Business Analyst

7-3062 manly@iit.eduu IT 19E3-1
Mitchell, William

Staff Architect

7-8988 MH100
Morrissey, Ellen

FAMIS Service Coordinator

7-8901 MH200

Porter, Colette

Director, Planning, Design & Construction

7-8974 MH100

Wachowski, John

Field Operations and Warehouse Supervisor

7-7011 MH200


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