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In keeping with the aims of the Facilities Maintenance Management (FMM) department to keep IIT's physical assets functional while maintaining the physical environment at IIT beautiful and hospitable, the following services are provided by the FMM department. An IDR# is not required when entering a service request for the following types of services. This includes the custodial services listed below. For more information regarding the various types of services rendered by the Facilities Maintenance Management department click here.

These are examples for which no IDR# may be required.
1. Air conditioning system repairs 10. Elevator and lift repairs
2. Athletic fields maintenance 11. Electrical fixture installation, repairs
3. Bulletin/Chalk board mounting/repair 12. Water extraction, backups, leaks & overflows
4. Carpet cleaning (2x Yearly) 13. Fluorescent light replacement
5. Carpet repairs 14. Furniture upholstery vacuuming
6. Ceiling, repair of leaks, tile replacement 15. Hardware off or loose
7. Chalk/Eraser replenishment 16. Heating system repairs
8. Classroom furniture repair 17. Lawn care
9. Doors repair / replacement 18. Litter removal from campus grounds
19. Lock repair, key removal
1. Cleaning academic and administrative buildings
2. Cleanup, flooding
3. Dumpster, waste removal
The following services are not funded by the FMM division and an IDR# is required when entering a service request for these types of services.
These are examples for which an IDR# would be required:

1. Boxes, for directed moves.
2. Key issuance and replacement
3. Moving services for office relocation
4. Office furniture assembly

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