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Customer Service The goal of the Facilities Maintenance and Management department is to keep IIT's physical assets functional while making sure that the physical environment at IIT remains beautiful and hospitable. In the pursuit of these goals the Customer service department handles our interaction with the IIT community.
One of the easiest ways to access our services is through the work order system, which is online at the Facilities Channel in the Work tab of the myIIT portal.
Contact: Eileen Hermle / Phone: 312.567.3320

Carpentry The carpentry shop is responsible for routing and specially requested jobs and projects such as wall partitions, door and frames and custom cabinetry.

Locksmith Facilities Management is responsible, through the Locksmith, for performing all maintenance and repair of locking systems. The authorizing department or unit and the key recipients have certain responsibilities for keys also.

Electrical Electrical services is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of the University's electrical systems, including high voltage distribution systems, building electrical systems and various electrical and electronic equipment.

Plumbing Plumbing system is responsible for the maintenance and repair of plumbing systems and piping systems that require welding. Services are available as regular or specially requested jobs/projects. Emergency needs are addressed immediately as they become known.

Painting Painting service is responsible for regular and specially requested jobs or projects involving painting, dry wall finishing and texturing, furniture and room refinishing and other miscellaneous service.

Grounds Grounds Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the grounds of the campus. The summer months are devoted to the care of the many parks and turf areas around campus and in the winter the major activity is snow removal.

Note: A Comprehensive Contact List for the Facilities Department is Available here.


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